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The Greater Genoa Business Association (GGBA) is a nonprofit Nevada corporation and was organized in the summer of 1991 to support businesses… Read more...

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The mission of the Greater Genoa Business Association is to better our community and promote tourism in the greater Genoa area. Read more...

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Membership is composed of local business owners, interested residents and valley business people. View membership list…

Genoa Hiking, Biking and Walking Trails

Genoa Loop Trail

The Carson Valley Trails Association along with lots and lots of hearty volunteers have taken the barely there and non-existent trails in Genoa and the valley and upgraded them to paths wide enough and smooth enough for people to navigate without ropes, harnesses and other climbing gear. The views of the valley from the Genoa Loop are simply astounding and well worth exploring in the spring, summer and fall.

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Genoa Vista Trail, Nov. 2012

The Town of Genoa and Douglas County raised the necessary monies to open the Genoa Vista Trail from downtown Genoa to 1862 David Walley's Resort, Restaurant and Spa. The trail is beautifully constructed of brick pavers fron the center of Genoa to the town limit, then paved with asphalt the rest of the way to David Walley's.

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Genoa Trails — Photos of the CVTA Genoa Loop and more...